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Cured Series 2 Episode 8 - Where’s My Slice

Mitch and Holly wax poetic about Money, Retiring at 50, Old Hickory, Magic Hat, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Please, won’t you...
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The Cured Podcast, 08/12/2017, Duration: 02:02:55
Holly Jay
Holly Jay

Everyone wants a piece of the pie, but there's not enough to go around. Mitch posits a new way forward, with Old Hickory, Magic Hat, and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Posted 9 days ago

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Cured Series 2 Episode 7 - Know When To Hold Em

Mitch, Holly, and A Special Apperance by The Bandit discuss Gambling, Working, Walt Disney, I think, and some of a lot of other shit, that Mitch’s inane gibbering is making me forget. Listen, Learn, Love, And Never Drink Alone! Oh, and Neil Degrasse-Tyson.     

The Cured Podcast, 08/05/2017, Duration: 01:50:50

Cured Series 2 Episode 6 - Motherfucker, I Was Robbed!

Mitch and Holly Talk about Ernest, Teen Wolf and Stanley Kolowski (SP?) We examine Roberry by the Academy of Atrs and Scinces. We examine when they screwed the pooch, and wehn they got it right. Ok, we are just looking at their fuck ups. It’s a good time had by all, and Holly is once again embarassed by Mitch. 

The Cured Podcast, 07/29/2017, Duration: 01:37:45

Cured Season 2 Episode 5 - The Death of Capitalism

Mitch Adonis and Holly Jay are tackling Capitalism this week. Mostly the death of, and what comes next. We also drink some beer, this week, from Dogfish Head. It’s good beer, and a good listen, as well. Come join us, and please, if you got a better idea let us know. We need to figure this shit out.  Music by, thanks Ben!

The Cured Podcast, 07/15/2017, Duration: 02:07:43

Cured Season 2 Episode 4 - The Rat Race

Mitch and Holley discuss James Dean, Ghandi (SP?), Jesus, that fuckin’ hippy, and the most beautiful women who ever lived. Fear and failure, extremes, where do we go from here? Our species could be fucking boned. Music by 

The Cured Podcast, 07/08/2017, Duration: 02:35:31

Cured Season 2 Episode 3 - And The Crushing Realization Of How Awful We Are Sets In

Mitch and Holly are back for hilarty, total bummers, some flicks, and Kenny Fucking G. Yes, you read that right, Kenny Fucking G. I don’t really understand and I was there. I think the important take-aways here are that Jaws is the best movie ever made, and your freedom is an illusion. Music by Craig Robinson, Kenny Fucking G, and Thanks! 

The Cured Podcast, 06/24/2017, Duration: 01:58:15

Cure Season Two Episode Two - Ride Captain Ride

Holly and Mitch are back with Good Beer, this time. And some tips and hints about Drinking and Riding Motorcycles. Do you like Ducatis or Harleys or maybe you are a Honda guy, whatever you ride, please be safe. Do go all Gary Busey on us. Sounds provided by Ween, Motorhead, and  

The Cured Podcast, 06/10/2017, Duration: 01:28:37

Cured Season 2 Episode 1 Car Jerking

Mitch and Holly talk about what they are drinking, dream cars, first cars and flying cars. Holly says Mich Ultra still sucks! Oh, we talk about car jerking too. Join us for more Cured hijinks!   

The Cured Podcast, 06/03/2017, Duration: 01:46:07

Cured Episode 17 - Hooray For Boobies - The Continuation of the Species

Hooray For Boobies! We want, nay, we need to continue the species. Mars, Jupiter, Elon Musk’s Musk, all this and Prostitots too! WooHoo! Mitch Adonis, and the newly christened Holly Jay, formally Richard Suckle debate all this and more. (The Mr. The Beard is still on Holiday)

The Cured Podcast, 05/20/2017, Duration: 02:12:45

Cured Episode 16 - Time Travel vs. Space Travel

Mitch Adonis and Richard Suckle are together this week. Topics on offer include Time Travel vs. Space Travel, Creativity and Risk Aversion, James T. Kirk and his love of a Three Titted Alien, our Gilligan’s Island reboot, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the evils of Credit, and so much more! Please join us again for serious jockularity! #RichardSuckle #MitchAdonis #CuredPodcast

The Cured Podcast, 05/13/2017, Duration: 02:16:23