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Ep 35 - The Character Arch

Caverns and Comedians, 08/20/2017, Duration: 00:54:07

Unfinished Business Ep. 35 – Witch’s Kiss

Flashmobs! Eclipse sex! Other weird stuff! All on this week's episode of UFB. Chester, Shrew & OJ sit down to talk all things Craigslist, the upcoming anniversary and much more. We are, the longest continually operating podcast about Craigslist* One year anniversary episode is right arounf the corner, so keep your eyes out for that. *That we know of

Unfinished Business With Chester & The Shrew, 08/20/2017

In The Name Of The King (2007)

Dennis, James and Nick join forces to review this off-brand lord of the rings, directed by the greatest video game movie director Uwe Boll.

Nobody Wants to Watch, 08/21/2017, Duration: 01:08:17

Jon Hamm

Get your bacon and pork chops ready because we have JON HAMM! Jon joins David in the studio in a very special Bu%t free episode. The Mad Men star sits with David to talk about odd jobs, the struggling life of an actor, and finally making it in Hollywood. Bu%t is gone this episode, and that is great.  Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz, and  Jason Kaye as Jon Hamm.

Podtalk, 08/21/2017, Duration: 00:28:35


This week we discuss the animated film Ernest & Celestine (2014) about an unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse. Based on a popular French children’s book this beautifully animated film was originally made in France and re-voiced and released in America as well. Then we discuss the acclaimed film Lion (2016). The true story of Saroo who grew up in India and when he was separated from his family he was shuffled through the orphanage system and eventually adopted by a couple from Australia. Later as an adult Saroo is haunted by his past and returns to India to find the family he lost as a young child. Next we have our Big Boys Don’t Cry segment. Where we discuss films that have made us shed a tear. Joe takes a nod from Lion and wants to discuss another film adapted from a memoir with the film Wild. Nick goes with a segment from the animated film Fantasia 2000. Next we go back to the vast Netflix library to select two films for next week. Nick selects Shimmer Lake and Joe selects The Stanford Prison Experiment. Watch those films and be ready for next week’s show. As always we thank @SumKilla for our awesome theme song and bumper music.

LWAF, 08/21/2017, Duration: 01:05:03

Episode 180 - Musical Conspiracies

This week Podd Socks conducts a deep analysis on the music industry and comes to a startling realization. According to our sources on the dark web, all popular music today (including Jay Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West and Nas) belong to a secret Bavarian cult founded in the 17th century, popularly known as the Illuminati. Meanwhile Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber and Elvis Presley are also put under the magnifying glass. The hygienic rituals of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are also explored.

Podd Socks, 08/20/2017, Duration: 01:16:40

Episode 34 - Justice for the Just

Kwin returns and the gang sets off to figure out the wherabouts of both Hobblet and the scrying gem. During their search, tragedy strikes and the party finds themselves - once again - on the wrong side of the law. Big thanks to Tim @ and the folks at Battlebards for providing the SFX and ambiences used in this episode and every episode beyond! We also thank YOU, the audience, for your patience for waiting an extra week for this episode. We love all of you.

Hapless Heroes: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, 08/21/2017, Duration: 01:10:16

Good Law | Bad Law #35 - A Criminal Defense W/ Bill Myers Jr.

On this episode of Good Law|Bad Law: This week Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Bill Myers Jr., author of A Criminal Defense and founding attorney at the Myers Law Firm. The pair sits down to discuss Bill’s new book and his unique focus in law, representing railroad workers who suffer catastrophic workplace injuries. A Criminal Defense is a crime fiction novel that takes the reader into the mind of a trial attorney as he represents his friend in a murder trial. Unlike many crime novels and authors, Bills book focuses on the attorney’s thought process from the earliest investigation and through the trial.   Host: Aaron Freiwald Guest: Bill Myers Jr. Stay up to date with Good Law|Bad Law: [...]

Good Law | Bad Law, 08/18/2017, Duration: 00:29:23

The Recasting Couch: Ep. 12Little Shop of Horrors

The Recasting Couch, 08/21/2017, Duration: 02:19:37

Participation, Social Media, and the Cyprus conflict, with Dr. Nico Carpentier [SMP034]

Dr. Nico Carpentier, Professor at the Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University, guests on the podcast this week to discuss participation, media, social media, and conflict in Cyprus. We discuss deliberative versus participatory democracy, as well as Dr. Carpentier's new book, "The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation".

Social Media and Politics, 08/20/2017, Duration: 00:49:29

Episode 52 – Silverhawks (1986)

Episode 52 – SilverHawks Many people have never heard of the Silverhawks. For those listeners out there, it is basically The post Episode 52 – Silverhawks (1986) appeared first on Childhood Remastered.

Childhood Remastered, 08/17/2017, Duration: 1:21:47

[2004] February: Miracle

Call us when Russia is good at football. Contact: Twitter Facebook Music: Music is provided by Natural Anthem Game show music: Opportunity Walks Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License The Curtain Rises Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Check out our podcasting host, Pinecast. Start your own podcast for free, no credit card required, forever. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-1e1992 for 40% off for 4 months, and support Rewind Cinema.

Rewind Cinema, 08/21/2017, Duration: 00:49:34

The Brothers Grimms - Repunzel

When you're dealing with classics, be open minded. Samantha Meza joins us for our final episode of Season 1. We thought we'd go out with a favorite. Are you not entertained?

So It Is Told, 08/20/2017, Duration: 00:22:03

BTV Ep54 (Part 1) HIDEOUS [Full Moon Roulette] 8_21_17

Welcome back to the BTVcast with Ep54 (PART 1) “Hideous!” [FULL MOON ROULETTE] our new segment dedicated to Full Moon Movies from the 90s!! It's the PRE GAME SHOW for Thursdays “What in the SAM NEIL!” episode! This week we talk about “HIDEOUS!”. So sit back! And Enjoy! To Read the full description of the episode follow the link... or go to

Beyond The Void - Horror Podcast, 08/21/2017, Duration: 01:10:14

Episode 124 - The Solar Eclipse

The end is nigh!  Except probably not.  Join Chris, Rob and John as they discuss facts, conspiracies and prophecies related to the the total solar eclipse sweeping across the US.   Enjoy!!

Live On Tape Delay, 08/21/2017, Duration: 53:25

Ep 52: Rob Zombie Retrospective Part 2

We are back although a little delayed thanks to a few unforseen factors.  First and foremost, we are new proudly being sponsored by Horror Society on the Amino App so please give them some love and thank you for having my back and making Laughing Horror the official podcast of Horror Society.  On today’s show, we are continuing our Rob Zombie retrospective with House of 1000 corpses and the Devils Rejects!  Also, check out of affiliates at Horror Pack! at this link to save yourself $3.00 on your first subscription package! Make sure to rate / review and subscribe to us on Itunes and to follow us at all the following groups and pages!         Email || Twitter ||

LHP, 08/20/2017, Duration: 00:23:31

Episode 176: Bring of CW 2

On this week's show: Stautes and history attacked, Game of Thornes leaked by HBO, Deadpool 2 death on set, Ric Flair's health, WWE Summerslam predictions, ESPN's Fantasy auction causes cries of racism and much more. The Top 10 this week is Underrated movies of the 80's and as always we will answer your listener questins and FMK's    Email:  Website:  Facebook Page:  Facebook Group:  Twitter:   Gab:

Inconclusive Breakdown, 08/20/2017, Duration: 02:23:38

#103: Gators, Dogs, and Smoke ‘Em if You’ve Got 'Em

On this episode we discuss Chewbacca attacking a man with a snowboard, a man participates in The Purge, don't smoke when transporting a gas grill, don't smoke in your fiance's house, and don't fall asleep during a robbery. All this and so much more! WEIRD! Is the podcast that brings you the BEST in Weird News Coverage! Always family friendly, always fun!

Weird!, 08/21/2017, Duration: 01:07:39

Episode 54 Poor Protection

When and when not to wear a cowboy hot, health-promoting worms, and the worst contraceptive ever. Music by Falling in Reverse “Game Over” Created with WavePad (c) NCH Software.(

Nerdy Words - A Nerd Podcast, 08/18/2017, Duration: 00:52:54

Episode 24: All You Mead Is Love

It’s the Steve and Adam show again, as Sam is away. This week we’re celebrating National Honey Bee Day, and we’re doing so with bee booze. We’ve got the Need for Mead. We learn all about the history of mead, what it is, and how it garnered its resurgance. We also talk local community homebrew tastings, buyouts that aren’t AB-Inbev for a change, and settle in for a good old fashioned Beer Fight on the cusp of Summerslam. Meads: Apis Raspberry-Blackberry Crafted Artisan Meadery Hopped Blackberry Honey Wine Kingview Orange Shandy Draft Mead

Hop Nation USA Podcast, 08/18/2017, Duration: 01:20:34